HOW TO: Create Sections within Pinterest Boards (Tutorial)

If you’re anything like me, you may find yourself creating a million boards on Pinterest just so that everything can be pinned under the perfect label.  It can be a problem.

Recently I was looking through my “accessories” board and realizing that I had a lot going on–hats, bags, pins and buttons, jewelry of all kind–and I was dreading the thought that maybe it was time to split up that board.  Just then, in a beam of golden light, I found it:  SECTIONS.

Pinterest now sports a feature that allows me to create folders–or “sections”–within my boards?  How long has this been a feature?  Maybe the whole world knows about it and I’m just the last one in the loop.  But if you haven’t heard of it either and this sounds like the next-level organization your Pinterest boards have been begging for, here’s how to do it:

*Note:  this tutorial is for the Pinterest mobile app, but it works very similarly on your desktop computer!

  1. First, simply open the board that you want to organize.  Here I chose my “accessories” board.  I could see that I had a lot of pins that were pictures of bags of some sort, so I decided to make that my first category, or “section.”  To create your first section, simply click the grey plus sign that says “Add section.”picture 1

  2. Once you click “Add section,” you will be prompted to select the pins that you want in the section.  I scrolled down through the board and selected all the pins that were pictures of bags.  When you are finished selecting pins (or hit the initial 50 pin limit), simply click “Done” and the section should be created.  You should be able to see the section within your board, like below:
    picture 2

  3. After you have created a few sections, you can rearrange them if you wish!  Hello, alphabetical order!  Just click the “Organize” button at the top of your board.picture 3

  4. Once you’re on the “Organize” page, you’ll see “Reorder sections” at the top.  Click that.picture 4

  5. Wallah!  Just drag the sections up and down, and drop them in whatever order you like.  picture 5

Was this helpful?  Are you breathing the sigh of relief brought on by fresh organization?  I sure am.  🙂


Thanks for reading along!  Let me know if you tried this out or if there are other tricks you know about, too!

-Linzi Loo