moving in… and out.. and in…


After graduating college in May, I moved back to West Virginia to work for one last summer at home.  The summer season wrapped up, and as the leaves began turning and cooler weather set it, I began to experience a time of transition myself.. the opportunity arose for me to move in with my brother in Virginia.

It’s a whole new chapter for a homebody like me.  It’s not college, not summer camp.  It’s an entirely different place to live.

2018-10-23 07.17.16 1.jpg

This old farmhouse has already become home to me.  Sure, it smells like several different types of mold, the floorboards will splinter your bare feet, it is endlessly drafty, and most of my housemates are wolf spiders…  But I love it already.  The abundance of windows and natural light alone is enough to keep me smiling!

We’re not huge on funds at the moment, so little by little my brother and I are finding creative ways to make the house livable and cozy.  Our home community has been so helpful and supportive, offering us help in endless ways–we’re so thankful to be from a rural hometown with the most encouraging church family anyone could imagine.



I’m still living half in WV and half in Virginia while I’m in the process of job searching and moving into the farmhouse, but I should be fairly settled soon.  In the meantime, it’s a lot of car loads back and forth…

I’ll try to write update posts about the house as we make progress.  Follow along if you like–we might need suggestions!

Happy fall, y’all!

~Linzi Loo