Hi y’all–I’m so glad you’ve found this little nook of the internet!  Welcome to my blog, where I’ll be making posts about all aspects of my life (photography, coffee, journalling, faith, house plants, cats, and probably the random ideas that pop into my head).  If this sounds fun to you, then read on!  But first, a little bit about me:

IMG_0669 (2)

I’m Linzi!  I am a college senior (but trying not to face that reality yet), currently going to school in Virginia but I was born and raised in West Virginia (the best Virginia).  I’m kind of a tomboy learning how to be girly.  The mountains will always have my heart but I’m always up for seeing new places.  And on the note of adventure, I am actually 100% introverted, so it makes social events difficult for me sometimes.  But I love people, and college has really helped me come out of my shell.  And with this blog, hopefully I can reach even more people and make new friends!

That’s just a few quick things about me.  I’m excited to jump into posting and hopefully getting to know my readers!

Till the cows come home,