A Summer Outside

Summer 2020 is starting unlike any we’ve ever known. So much is different, unexpected. This time last year, social media was flooded with ALL the summer bucket lists and vacation plans. Fast forward to this year…. Now what?

Get outside! I PROMISE there are things to do outside that don’t require you to be too close to people AND that you’ll actually enjoy. The fresh air and sunlight will do you soooo much good. If you’re usually indoorsy, this might not appeal to you… but you might be surprised the way nature will open up your mind.

For me, going outside is as essential (if not more) to my mental health as getting enough sleep. It’s great to be cozy at home, but home feels all the cozier if I’ve spent my day outside–hiking, camping, fishing, swimming in the river–or something like a bike ride if I’m in town.

SEE what’s out there.

National Forests are like a second home to me. There are so many hikes that it’s not hard to find one to fit anyone’s activity level. Fishing is abundant, relaxing, and teaches me something new all the time (usually patience). Or I’m just going to the woods to see what I can see.

“In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks.”

John Muir

In the forest, I’m free to forget about the me that I work hard to maintain back in town life. It’s my Introvert’s Paradise, with endless sources of inspiration in the flow of the water, the shelter of the trees, the intricacies of every flower and mushroom. A world designed to flourish, where I’m invited to join in the quietly thriving community.

So here’s to a summer of doing more to connect with nature, and less to connect with the Insta likes. Sharing is cool, but let my true motivation be to seek experiences and foster relationships.

Outside. 🙂

-Linzi Loo