A visit to Beartown State Park

Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads.

Henry David Thoreau

It always feels amazing to be home. Back in the woods where I grew up.

For the past two years, my family has taken a weekend in May to retreat from the pre-summer buzz of life, and set up camp in a field in the West Virginia woods.

We seem to find plenty of relaxation there, but also some adventure. This year, my cousin and my parents took us newlyweds on a local tour of the county where I’ve spent most of my life, and it hit me all over again how rare and beautiful a place this is to grow up in.

One of our stops was Beartown State Park, a cool and quiet walk through the woods that led us over deep crevasses and under towering slabs of weather-worn rock. It somehow fills you with the wonderous feeling of knowing that something happened here, but the imagination can hardly grasp the geological scale. The place lives up to its imaginative name–I sure did feel like I was walking through a ghost town where there may have once been a lively community of bears. Although that’s likely fiction, it feels believable enough……

I love places like this, places where signboards can explain the science, but the mind can’t explain the feeling.

And with a rekindled awe, I’ll be searching out other gems like Beartown!

-Linzi Loo

Our Honeymoon in Maine!

May 2021

The first day of May was sunshiney and bright–we couldn’t have asked for a better day for a small, outdoor wedding. It was a sweet day filled with flowers, photos, family and friends, and late that evening Adam and I crash-landed at home, exhausted and married!

The next morning we loaded up the car and ventured up the coast to Maine, where we found the rest & recovery (and fun!) we needed.

We spent our week with no agenda, no activities booked ahead, and no schedules. Every morning we slept in as late as we wanted, found coffee at cute shops that we stumbled upon, and ate lobster breakfasts that were locally-sourced, freshly made, and unbelievably delicious.

Our afternoons and evenings were filled with drives up and down the coast, sightseeing around the cute harbor villages, hiking, fishing, more coffee, lobster dinners…… Whatever was restful and fun, we did those things.

The trip was pretty perfect. And this being my second visit to Maine, I can still say this is one of my favorite states.

We’re home now and settling back into the valley, where I’m pretty sure we’ll find plenty more adventure this summer! 😉

~ Linzi Loo

A Summer Outside

Summer 2020 is starting unlike any we’ve ever known. So much is different, unexpected. This time last year, social media was flooded with ALL the summer bucket lists and vacation plans. Fast forward to this year…. Now what?

Get outside! I PROMISE there are things to do outside that don’t require you to be too close to people AND that you’ll actually enjoy. The fresh air and sunlight will do you soooo much good. If you’re usually indoorsy, this might not appeal to you… but you might be surprised the way nature will open up your mind.

For me, going outside is as essential (if not more) to my mental health as getting enough sleep. It’s great to be cozy at home, but home feels all the cozier if I’ve spent my day outside–hiking, camping, fishing, swimming in the river–or something like a bike ride if I’m in town.

SEE what’s out there.

National Forests are like a second home to me. There are so many hikes that it’s not hard to find one to fit anyone’s activity level. Fishing is abundant, relaxing, and teaches me something new all the time (usually patience). Or I’m just going to the woods to see what I can see.

“In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks.”

John Muir

In the forest, I’m free to forget about the me that I work hard to maintain back in town life. It’s my Introvert’s Paradise, with endless sources of inspiration in the flow of the water, the shelter of the trees, the intricacies of every flower and mushroom. A world designed to flourish, where I’m invited to join in the quietly thriving community.

So here’s to a summer of doing more to connect with nature, and less to connect with the Insta likes. Sharing is cool, but let my true motivation be to seek experiences and foster relationships.

Outside. 🙂

-Linzi Loo

10 things to put in your junk journal

Wanting to get creative and start smashing bits of paper into a notebook?  Or maybe you’ve been keeping journals for a long time and you’re looking for a fresh idea or two.  Whatever the case is for you, I hope you find some inspiration in this post to fuel many happy journal days. 🙂

I like to keep an eclectic, scrappy-style journal, somewhere between a scrapbook and a ‘traditional’ bullet journal.  I tend to have the most fun with this style because when it comes to my journal–like everything else I own–pretty much anything goes!

Read on to see some of the scraps and bits I put into my journals. . .


1. old playing cards

IMG_4939 (2)If you have an old deck of playing cards laying around that’s been missing a seven for months, or you simply upgraded to a new deck–use the old cards in your journal!

Playing cards have a classic look about them that will add some color and interest to any page, and they’re made of satisfyingly sturdy paper (‘card’-stock, anybody?).

Try gluing a small photo to the back of a playing card and tucking it into a page pocket for a nice surprise.



2. personal photos

IMG_4943 (2)Speaking of photos–they’re a great way to really personalize your journal!  Print out photos from your phone to get those memories on paper.

If you’re really looking for a fun way to add photos to your journal, look into a camera with instantly developing film (like the instax mini 9).  Add it to your Christmas wish list! 😉

*Not sponsored by Fujifilm.. I just like my instax.


3. paint swatches

IMG_4945 (2)



We can debate the ethics of taking paint swatches from the store if you only intend to use them for crafts, buuut. . .

If you’ve got some lying around, use ’em!  They add quick and bright colors to any journal spread.


4. post cards

IMG_4956 (2)

One of my personal favorite items to use in my journal!  Post cards are like mini posters and can be so aesthetically pleasing.

I often browse thrift shops for old post cards, like these retro National Park Service designs!

Try taping the post card down along one edge to create a hinge, and behind it you have plenty of space for writing and pictures!



5. random packaging

IMG_4958 (2)



Sometimes the packaging of a snack or candy bar will catch my eye.  Saving that one for sure!





6. botanical ephemera

Another easy way to add some character to your journal!  You can find packs of botanical scraps and ephemera in all kinds of places–craft stores, Etsy shops, and antique shops, to name a few.

I love the simple nature vibes I get from gluing in little floral bits and pieces.  IMG_4961 (2)


7. stamps

IMG_4971 (2)Oh, stamps.  Those cute lil stickers that open the doors (mailbox doors, that is) and take our mail all over the world.  Stamps are highly appreciated in the journalling community for their punch of pleasantness.  I save the stamps off of all kinds of mail, even if they’re “ruined.”  If I’m gluing them into my journal, it doesn’t matter whether they’re used or not!


8. tea bags

IMG_4964 (2)After I started ‘junk’ journalling, I trained my mind to think creatively about things that would otherwise have been trashed or overlooked–like tea packaging.  Staple in an unopened one that you want to save for later, or repurpose the paper tea bag wrapper to make an instant lil pocket on your page.  The possibilities are endless.


9. receipts and coin roll papers

Going out shopping?  Tape your receipts right into your journal!  Not only does this add IMG_4974 (2)scraps and chunkiness to your journal, it also is a great way to keep up with your receipts after small visits to the store.  It’s instantly filed away according to the date, if you’re keeping a chronological daily journal.

Other unimportant banking papers–like the wrapping off of a coin roll–can be nice decorative scraps to add, too.






10. tea tags


Don’t forget about the tags!  Yet another thing that often gets thrown away are the IMG_4977 (2)descriptive tags on a tea bag, but they can easily be reused in your journal.

The best thing about these little tags?  They make great tabs that can stick out from the pages of your notebook!  Use them to mark a special page, paint over them and add words, tape them, staple them. . . go to town!

I keep a tiny half-pint Mason jar by my tea station as a catch-all container for those tags.  Make a cuppa, pull off the tag, and pop it in the jar.





What else would you add to this list?  Let me know in a comment below!

Happy journalling!

~Linzi Loo

cozy snow day

A wintry mix flurried in overnight and suddenly our fiery fall back yard is now a winter wonderland!  Although fall is my favorite season and it seems all too short every year, I can’t say I didn’t enjoy this unexpected snow day.

IMG_4644 (2)

Being snowed in has a way of shaking up the way I see my routines.  Suddenly, stoking the fire in the wood stove was a treat instead of a chore.  Slipping my way across the gravel driveway to scrape and defrost my car became an exciting sort of little adventure.  And spending the evening in with my cat, a coffee, and a good old show just seemed all the sweeter.

IMG_4670 (2)

How do you like to spend a snowy day?

~Linzi Loo

moving in… and out.. and in…


After graduating college in May, I moved back to West Virginia to work for one last summer at home.  The summer season wrapped up, and as the leaves began turning and cooler weather set it, I began to experience a time of transition myself.. the opportunity arose for me to move in with my brother in Virginia.

It’s a whole new chapter for a homebody like me.  It’s not college, not summer camp.  It’s an entirely different place to live.

2018-10-23 07.17.16 1.jpg

This old farmhouse has already become home to me.  Sure, it smells like several different types of mold, the floorboards will splinter your bare feet, it is endlessly drafty, and most of my housemates are wolf spiders…  But I love it already.  The abundance of windows and natural light alone is enough to keep me smiling!

We’re not huge on funds at the moment, so little by little my brother and I are finding creative ways to make the house livable and cozy.  Our home community has been so helpful and supportive, offering us help in endless ways–we’re so thankful to be from a rural hometown with the most encouraging church family anyone could imagine.



I’m still living half in WV and half in Virginia while I’m in the process of job searching and moving into the farmhouse, but I should be fairly settled soon.  In the meantime, it’s a lot of car loads back and forth…

I’ll try to write update posts about the house as we make progress.  Follow along if you like–we might need suggestions!

Happy fall, y’all!

~Linzi Loo

HOW TO: Create Sections within Pinterest Boards (Tutorial)

If you’re anything like me, you may find yourself creating a million boards on Pinterest just so that everything can be pinned under the perfect label.  It can be a problem.

Recently I was looking through my “accessories” board and realizing that I had a lot going on–hats, bags, pins and buttons, jewelry of all kind–and I was dreading the thought that maybe it was time to split up that board.  Just then, in a beam of golden light, I found it:  SECTIONS.

Pinterest now sports a feature that allows me to create folders–or “sections”–within my boards?  How long has this been a feature?  Maybe the whole world knows about it and I’m just the last one in the loop.  But if you haven’t heard of it either and this sounds like the next-level organization your Pinterest boards have been begging for, here’s how to do it:

*Note:  this tutorial is for the Pinterest mobile app, but it works very similarly on your desktop computer!

  1. First, simply open the board that you want to organize.  Here I chose my “accessories” board.  I could see that I had a lot of pins that were pictures of bags of some sort, so I decided to make that my first category, or “section.”  To create your first section, simply click the grey plus sign that says “Add section.”picture 1

  2. Once you click “Add section,” you will be prompted to select the pins that you want in the section.  I scrolled down through the board and selected all the pins that were pictures of bags.  When you are finished selecting pins (or hit the initial 50 pin limit), simply click “Done” and the section should be created.  You should be able to see the section within your board, like below:
    picture 2

  3. After you have created a few sections, you can rearrange them if you wish!  Hello, alphabetical order!  Just click the “Organize” button at the top of your board.picture 3

  4. Once you’re on the “Organize” page, you’ll see “Reorder sections” at the top.  Click that.picture 4

  5. Wallah!  Just drag the sections up and down, and drop them in whatever order you like.  picture 5

Was this helpful?  Are you breathing the sigh of relief brought on by fresh organization?  I sure am.  🙂


Thanks for reading along!  Let me know if you tried this out or if there are other tricks you know about, too!

-Linzi Loo



attention introverts: 10 comforts at college

IMG_7610 (2)

We’re near the end of fall semester, which means that the days are getting shorter and my to-do list is getting looooonger.  Between classes, intramural sports, homework, eating, trying to see friends just enough to keep from sinking into hermit status–and yes, even taking the time to shower–it seems like there’s just not enough time to get it all done.  Combine that feeling with term paper due dates looming overhead, and it can be enough to make any introvert want to crawl under the covers and never come out.  Not even for chocolate.

Okay . . .   maybe for chocolate.

But never fear!  If I have made it this far, then YOU can make it through, too.

I’m by no means and expert and I still have my moments when I seriously consider moving into a camper in the woods for the rest of my life, but I have learned a lot about dealing with my stress levels over the past three and a half years of college.  Everyone is different, that’s for sure, but maybe you can relate to some of the same feelings that I experience.  If you do, I hope some of my self-care tricks can be helpful to you, too!



#1 - listen to music

Sometimes when stress is on my mind, it can be hard to relax and focus during the slow moments of the day, like while I’m getting ready for class in the morning.  When I’m alone, I need to be using that valuable time to recharge, not spiral into anxiety about the rest of my day.  I have found that putting on some music helps me stay positive!  I pull up a playlist of my favorite songs and jam out while I’m brushing my teeth, and that sends me off to class in a more relaxed mood than if I had spent that time silently shuffling around.

#2 #3 #4

This one is always helpful for me, but so hard for me to convince myself to do.  Time is valuable, and since I am hopelessly dreadful at getting up in the morning, I usually have to take a chunk out of my evenings for showering.  But when I do, I feel so much better.  There’s not much work that I can accomplish in the shower, so I put on some jams and tell myself it’s okay to take my mind off my day for twenty minutes.


#2 #3 #4

This is one that I know not everyone does, but journalling helps me process my thoughts and get my to-do list on a piece of paper.  Part of my introvert panic is caused by not remembering when and where events are happening (or whether there is an event happening at all), so I keep a mashup of bullet journal / diary where I can quickly jot down all info for future reference.  I am pretty much an emotional being who lives inside my head all day, so there’s no room for keeping a mental schedule, too.  Keeping my journal in my backpack is a great way for me to note my responsibilities onto paper right away, which means I can get around to them when I need to, but I don’t have to worry about remembering them in the meantime.

#2 #3 #4

Last semester my mom bought me an electric kettle, and it is probably one of the most-used items in my room.  As an introvert it can be hard to fully immerse myself into class or hangouts with friends, so as strange as it sounds, having a coffee in hand can help comfort my social anxieties (and also give my hands something to do).

Even in my room during quiet evenings, homework is much more bearable when I have a cup of tea to sip on.  Bonus points if it’s chamomile with honey, which can help calm me down and is thought of my many people as a mild sleep aid.  Who knows if that’s true, but it sure doesn’t hurt!

#5 #6 #7

Strangely enough, yes.  Being able to mark a few little things off my list–like washing my coffee mugs, putting away laundry, making my bed–helps give me a small productivity boost before I tackle bigger things like an essay assignment.  Plus, having my room and desk space clean and cleared off really helps me focus.  Some clutter is okay, but the small ritual of tidying up can lift a mental load that helps me focus on my schoolwork.

#5 #6 #7

Sleep when you’re dead.  But nap if you can.

#5 #6 #7

Exercise is important for me to stay healthy and spend time with friends.  My main form of exercise is playing ultimate frisbee.  My roommate and I are co-vice presidents of our college’s frisbee club, so it can be stressful to keep up with leadership duties, but the act of getting out on the grass and having some fun lifts a lot of tension and helps my mind to relax.  Even as an introvert, this area of my social life isn’t always draining, because it’s a lighthearted time with friends but also a place where I know my role.  It’s fun and exercise at the same time, so a win-win for me!

#8 #9 #10

Because your toesies deserve to be wrapped in a soft blanket, too.  Fuzzy socks are just as much a mental comfort as they are a physical one.

#8 #9 #10

You may or may not be into essential oils–that’s okay.  My mom gave me her little oil diffuser when she got a bigger one for our living room back home, and it has been nice to keep beside by bed at college.  I don’t know much about oils but I think lavender and spearmint smell really nice, so filling up and running the oil diffuser is a bedtime ritual I have found to be relaxing.


You know who it is.  For me, it’s my boyfriend or my roommate.  Sometimes introverts need to talk, too.  And I don’t mean going out and chatting with acquaintances at lunch (boo, hiss), I mean kicking back on a nest of blankets and pillows, snacking on a pop tart, and unwinding with a close friend who won’t judge your thoughts.  It’s therapeutic and helps your mind explore issues that you maybe wouldn’t have thought about before.  I think it’s also good for introverts to have someone to bounce thoughts off of sometimes, too, because too much solitary introspection can leave you spiraling down into even more stress.


So there it is!  My quick list of comforts in this crazy college lifestyle.  Do you identify with any of these?  Or what are things you do to unwind that aren’t on this list?

Thanks for reading along–

Talk at y’all another time!

~ Linzi Loo




Hi y’all–I’m so glad you’ve found this little nook of the internet!  Welcome to my blog, where I’ll be making posts about all aspects of my life (photography, coffee, journalling, faith, house plants, cats, and probably the random ideas that pop into my head).  If this sounds fun to you, then read on!  But first, a little bit about me:

IMG_0669 (2)

I’m Linzi!  I am a college senior (but trying not to face that reality yet), currently going to school in Virginia but I was born and raised in West Virginia (the best Virginia).  I’m kind of a tomboy learning how to be girly.  The mountains will always have my heart but I’m always up for seeing new places.  And on the note of adventure, I am actually 100% introverted, so it makes social events difficult for me sometimes.  But I love people, and college has really helped me come out of my shell.  And with this blog, hopefully I can reach even more people and make new friends!

That’s just a few quick things about me.  I’m excited to jump into posting and hopefully getting to know my readers!

Till the cows come home,